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12 X 30 minutes per season



Aged 18-54, 60/40 Male-Female, Global Reach with Subtitles and/or Dubbing. Internationally focused series that is hugely impactful and inspiring that compliments all cultures and demographics. The content is positive, non-political, with no religious content in any way. Specific content interests include: Technology, Innovation, Science, Entrepreneurship, Business, Robotics, AI, Young Entrepreneurs, Futurism & more.

TechTalk takes you to see upcoming start-ups and entrepreneurs from across the globe, and wow-factor new technologies that are transforming our planet for the better. Filmed in the hottest start-up hubs, shot on location in the offices of each emerging company, TechTalk uniquely brings you up-close and personal with each innovator, giving pertinent insights into the makings of each rising star. See flying cars, robots to protect the elderly, autonomous firefighting drones, 3D holographic surgery, mind-controlled gaming and much more! Each Season features over 50 exciting new technologies and entrepreneurs.

Season One: Tel Aviv (Ready)
Season Two: New York (Q3 2020)
Season Three: Los Angeles (Q1 2021)
Season Four: London + Europe (Q3 2021)

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