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The Rise of A.I.

Six episodes X 30


the rise of A.I.

The Rise of A.I.

Discover a world of artificial intelligence all around us, listening, seeing, hearing and soon it could overtake us! The Rise of A.I takes you deep inside the experts and creators behind artificial intelligence of our generation.

Episode 1:
How, What, Where & When. Is AI even real yet?

Synopsis: Season One starts with a look and the foundational basis of Artificial Intelligence, exploring the “how” of interoperability, the “what” in what we are engaging, the “where” of the places in our lives where AI now exists; and the “when” which is simply now answered with “yesterday”. Discover how we research & develop AI brains expanding the scope of the technology and pushing the boundaries of co-existence with human life.

Episode 2: Defining Your AI strategy, and Problem solving.

Synopsis: As the journey continues, we explore strategies employed in the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which both are utilizing complimentary ways to solve complex problems, many times out of the reach of humans. The secrets behind the real-time analytics and machine learning, are driving the responsible evolution of this complex and often controversial technology.

Episode 3: Uncovering the landscape & future of AI technologies.

Synopsis: As the industry accelerates , creating a product of its own innovation, the technological landscape and demand for new and innovative solutions is what drives forward the future of AI based technologies. Through the use of Recommendation Algorithms, both the current and future uses of artificial intelligence are not only being enhanced in current implementations, but new demand is now being consistently unlocked, creating innovation from within the space itself.

Episode 4: Ethical uses of AI and Data collection and Social protections.

Synopsis: The many questions and challenges we face as humans, are now being processed in real- time by Artificial Intelligence, which calls into question the concept of the ethical development of the technology. The ethics of Artificial Intelligence must exist deep within the foundational structure of the technology, to ensure parameters are set and boundaries are respected, as it relates to data privacy, security and overall social protections. It is this co-existence which creates the balance necessary to integrate these meaningful technologies into the fabric of our cultures across the world.

Episode 5: Corporate ecosystems, The race for Data, AI technologies usage & Robotics.

Synopsis: In today’s global business environment, data is the new “currency” and the race to acquire these valuable sets of both personal and corporate information has been accelerated through the use of Artificial Intelligence, which in turn is expanding the scope and scale of the technology itself. As a bi-product of the constant advancements in the space, autonomous robots are now a reality in many part of society including law enforcement, logistics and customer service.

Episode 6: Governments, Privacy, Citizens & Police.

Synopsis: As the series continues, we dive deep into the fabric of local communities and the use of Artificial Intelligence by Government agencies, which creates challenges to protecting user privacy. In terms of law enforcement both the Police, as well as the Citizens they serve, use AI solutions on both sides, creating a new environment where multiple AI based solutions are simultaneously interacting with each other. As we have now entered this new phase, the question remains, “What does the future hold ?”

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