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bounty hunters
Bounty Hunters

80 x 30 minutes

Available Worldwide for All Platforms including Broadcast, DVD and New Media


Bounty hunters are on the side of the law, but they themselves can still be a fugitive! How? The bounty hunter is only legal in the United States and The Philippines, so should they pursue a criminal outside of these countries, they could be arrested! How did this profession start?

In the Wild West, when outlaws like Jesse James and Butch Cassidy roamed the land, local sheriffs didn't have the resources to track them down alone. So they put up "Wanted" posters offering huge rewards for their capture (Jesse James was worth $5,000 -- big, big money at the time). Bounty hunters answered the call, tracking the bad guys relentlessly for a piece of the reward money. They did anything it took to bring in the outlaws, "dead or alive."

Today, the stereotype of the rogue bounty hunter remains, even though most modern bounty hunters are trained and licensed professionals. The Wild West free-for-all has been transformed into a real business and an integral part of the American justice system. When a criminal is arrested, “bail” is paid to “insure” the fugitive does not flee. Many times, however, the criminals do get away and that is where the bounty hunter comes in. They hunt the fugitive and bring him or her back to police custody.

In the movies and on television these tough guys have been portrayed in films like Sergio Leone’s FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE starring Clint Eastwood, MIDNIGHT RUN starring Robert De Niro, BLADE RUNNERS, or DOMINO starring Keira Knightly or on the television series WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE starring Steve McQueen.

In this series, the Bounty Hunters are real and their fugitives are caught on camera! The viewer is right in the action - on “raids” for drug dealers, murderers and accused criminals who have violated the law and are running “free”. It’s not always pretty, but this real time adventure is exciting and quite unnerving at times. Your viewers will want to come along for this ride!

Programming for Factual, Men’s channels, late night, Reality and Crime slots for any channel.

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