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car Chronicles
Car Chronicles

10 X 30 min. episodes in HD.


car chronicles

Car Chronicles

Shot and produced between 2013 and 2015.
Director Producer Josh Goodswen

Premiered on Australia’s Discovery Turbo between May and August 2016.

The show managed to gain a substantial following for a 1st run with viewing figures
recorded as being 26% above the 52 week broadcast average.

This is the story of 3 years in the rare and collectable Automotive Calender and the
connection between humankind and it’s best friend, the motorised vehicle.

Clear Content the makers of Australia’s Network 7 show “Chrome” have created a
completely new TV series about individual special cars, boats and motorcycles.

A retro nut’s design paradise with entertaining and informative story threads that
develop over time like it’s rare car builds.

Car Chronicles has the essential ingredients of cars, lifestyle and 4 presenters with
specific but different roles. James Nicholls evaluator, auctioneer and rare auto
journalist. Brian Tanti curator and car rebuilder at Melbourne’s Fox Classic Car
Collection, Jeremy Best classic car specialist, dealer and engineer, George Syder
hotrod, custom and paint specialist.

Designers and Builders
Featuring 4 prominent Australian builder designers, Andy Minus of Sydney’s Andy’s
Restos, Brian Tanti performs both designer and presenter roles, Ziggy of Port
Stephens NSW and creator of Warhorse his unique interpretation of the Mustang and Justin Hills Creator of “Worlds Most Beautiful Custom” 2 times running.

Style and story
We can’t explain it but the bond between motor vehicles and ourselves, both owned
or dreamt of, can stem back to childhood, like a love affair we never get over.
Reality genuinely shot with a retro vibe in full HD, the series goes out to the source,
the car culture people and some very special collections in Australia and Italy.
This should be on the essential viewing list for those 8 – 80 who like design and
travelling emotionally through time. The single buzzword for Car Chronicles is
“ Special” with a flavour in car presentations which simply hasn’t been seen before.
Each episode featuring 3 story strings but the entire series is a full journey about
contemporary and classic unique builds, secret collections and events while at times showing us some of the rarest motorised vehicles on the planet.

Ep 1 Synopsis
Shot 2012/13
In the beginning
In this episode we take our first visit to Motorclassica a fascinating assembly of
special cars. Ride in a very rare competition winning Lamborghini Miura and bring a humble but rare Vauxhall velox back to life.

The big questions are about our bond with cars, how do we value them? What gives
us the thrill of building or owning them.

Ep 2 Synopsis
Shot 2012/13
The Great Outdoors
In this episode of Car Chronicles Jeremy, James and George show us what people
do with their special cars? All over Australia, nearly every weekend. It’s about the many tribes who share one value; a deep attachment to motor vehicles.

Racing them at the Queensland Raceway’s 2 days of thunder, displaying them at an
All British day in Sydney and cruising with the Hot-rodder’s to find out what makes
them keep tinkering.

Ep 3 Synopsis
Shot 2012/13
The Drag Racing Rogue
In this episode we discover some amazing rides, starting with Jocko Johnsons
Streamliner, meet Greg “Ziggy” Sadler, find out what it’s really like to cruise in an
historic piece of engineering, a Lagonda.
We explore the possibility of buying a classic car and look at a very personal
collection at Aravina Winery in W.A. to find out exactly why people really love Aussie Muscle/

Ep 4 Synopsis
Shot 2012 - 2014
An American, Australian Dream
In this episode of Car Chronicles we visit Cooly Rocks On, a car event in south East
Queensland’s Coolangatta. It’s an event that transports us back through the period
and custom cars to the American 50’s and 60’s.

We meet Andy Minas designer and watch him bring to life a custom 1934 Ford
Tudor, while unearthing an amazing period collection in Newcastle NSW.

Most of all what we do is explore Australia’s automotive obsession with the shared
American Australian dream.

Ep 5 Synopsis
Ford Mustang
This episode is all about the motorist’s love affair with an enduring Model.

Love them, or think they are too numerous we take a good look at the everyman
classic that captured the heart of Middle America, Australia and the world. Following
three separate special builds of three very different interpretations of the Mustang.
2 of them in a race to exhibited at Sydney’s Motor Ex.

Ep 6 Synopsis
In the Deep Winter
In this Episode of Car Chronicles, though in Eastern Australia’ chilly months we find
plenty to do on the automotive calendar.

James visits the Shannons winter classic auction looking for an elegant deal.

Across town we call in on the Fox Classic Collection and Designer Brian Tanti’s
workshop to get acquainted with a very important Porsche Spider indeed. Following a string of the German made brand, for sale at Jeremy’s forecourt and driven in W.A.

Ep 7 Synopsis
One year later
In this episode a year in the automotive calendar has passed and finds us back in all the hustle and bustle of Motorclassica but we also duck across town with Brian to
smoke out some very rare builds indeed.

We meet some old friends at the auction and find out what happened to the jet car.

In the end we realise that special car ownership is a caretaking role and that while
vehicles live on, ownership is more like a cycle of guardianship.

Episode 8
The Italian Job
In this episode Brian and James have the “unenviable” task of travelling to Italy’s
automotive heartland to check out the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari himself and an
amazing assembly of formula 1 artefacts and racing machines.

We look into the secrets of the Italian car body craft and check out why a personal
collection of vehicles and boats is so cherished/ The highlight could just be a Ferrari of the water.

Ep 9 Synopsis
More Segretti Motore
In this episode of Car Chronicles we are still in Italy ‘s northern region where natural beauty is dotted with famous auto manufacturing James and Brian take a look at the work of Carlo Guzzi and the growth of his motorcycle empire.

Also deep in the Modena countryside in a Medieval Castle we find a 200 strong
sequestered collection of very significant cars.

While an elegant classic of the water uses not one but two Cadillac engines.

What drives this region of Italy in it’s deep love, even worship of all things

Ep 10 Synopsis
Motorclassica 2015
In this the series final of Car Chronicles we’re back at one of our spiritual homes,
Motorclassica, where with Brian we take a look at the nervous journey of the best in show contestants. Jeremy picks out his favourite of the whole floor.

This year’s centrepiece is a celebration of the Super Car and we visit Aravina Estate in W.A. to drive a contemporary Ferrari.

And finally will this year’s auction be a flop or a bumper sale?

Perhaps after all this journeying and searching we can find out why people are so
attached to special cars and motor vehicles.


Car Chronicles Screener Links

Here are the Vimeo Links to Ep 1, 5 and 8
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Car Chrons GT 1
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Car Chrons GT 5
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Car Chrons GT 8

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