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a life in the mountains
A Life In the Mountains

1 X 60 min.

Feature documentary. Directed by Laszlo Pal.

2013/2014. Available in full HD.


The Legacy of Lou Whittaker

A handful of climbers worldwide are leaders in the sport of mountaineering. But, in America, no outdoorsman has played a more significant role than guide and expedition leader Lou Whittaker. In this hour-long documentary, we see the impact of Whittaker as a leader in the sport of mountaineering and how his efforts have changed the landscape of the sport making it an important part of today's very active lifestyle. Lou is respected and revered the world over, and here we get the story of his influence from climbing greats such as England's Sir Chris Bonington, America's John Roskelley and Jim Wickwire - to Lou's inspiration of Texas oilman Dick Bass who became the first person to climb the world's Seven Summits.

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