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Little Big World
Little Big World

72 X 1-4 min. episodes in HD.
180 minutes total programming.


Little Big World

Little Big World

Little Big World is the largest available collection of tilt-shift time-lapse films worldwide.

More than 60 episodes from 20 countries turn the most beautiful locations on earth into adorable miniature models with stunning videography.

Travel around the world with this exciting, bite-sized show and see places in a way you have never seen them before! The new season is also available in 4k.

Durations between 1-4 min make this show the perfect short content for fillers or interstitials. An advertiser can attach their message and “own” an international web phenomena!

There are also 100+ cutdown episodes available with a duration of 52 sec each.
Little Big World was a finalist at the last Vimeo Awards in New York City.

You can view some episodes here:

More than 5 million online views from all over the world and thousands of likes and comments prove the popularity of this amazing show.

The series has been featured on The Atlantic, Huffington Post, CNN, CBS, The Daily, El Pais and many other news sites and blogs.

Little Big World has already been sold in more than 30 countries.

If you are interested in this show I would like to discuss possible licensing options with you.

We have all rights for all media available for the USA.

The series is currently on VOD in the U.S. on Hulu and, both non-exclusive.

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