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Stalking Films

10 X 30 min. episodes in HD.


Stalking Films

Stalking Films is a producer of thematic documentaries specializing in hunting documentaries. They are based in Spain and France.

For several years they have produced hunting documentaries for the main thematic channels as well as for various hunting magazines.

They film and edit big game and small game documentaries and all the shows are in Spanish with English and Spanish scripts and full M&E tracks. All the documentaries are filmed in FULL HD (1920x1080) and are stored uncompressed and with all the video and audio channels separately. Being without compression we can provide them to the customer's with their desired codec.

Available now for world licensing.


All the documentaries are in Spanish. The script is in Spanish and English, but the film in Spanish.-

Following the Path of Chamois:

Spanish Ibex, Hunt SpainBbrand:

Land of Trophies, Looking for the Red Deer:

The Wizards of the Forest:



BRAMIDOS EN LAS MONTAÑAS (bellows in the mountains) 01/01/2013

La caza del ciervo en Francia es una de las mejores experiencias para el practicante de la caza mayor. Recechar en alta montaña no es fácil, pero disparar a corta distància es una experiencia única.

Los guías profesionales acompañarán a los cazadores a lugares únicos, vírgenes, donde buscarán sus trofeos.

Estos lugares tienen una belleza fuera de lo normal y una flora y fauna típica de la alta montaña.

Disparos difíciles, con poca luz o entre la maleza obligarán a colocar bien la bala o el ciervo huirá dejando un rastro de sangre con el que será posteriormente rastreado.


Hunting the red deer in France is one of the best experiences for a big game hunter. The high mountain is a difficult place for the red deer stalking, but to shoot to a short distance is a unique experience.

The hunters will go with the professionals guides to some of the best virgin territories to look for Their trophies.

These places have an uncommon beauty and a typical flora and fauna of the high mountain.

The shots are not easy, shoot it at night or into the brush, they will must to shoot at the right place of the animal or it will run away leaving a trail of blood which will has to be followed.

ADICTOS AL CORZO (roebuck addicts) 01/10/2015

Este documental está dedicado a todos los amantes de la caza del corzo en verano. Romain, el protagonista, es un apasionado cazador que vive y sueña con la caza de este cérvido. Con la ayuda de la mejor orgánica francesa nos brindará lances apasionantes y disparos excelentes harán disfrutar a los espectadores.


This documentary is dedicated to all lovers of roebuck in summer. Romain, the protagonist, is a passionate hunter who lives and dreams with this hunting. With the help of the best French organic we will watch exciting stalking and excellent shots that will be incredible for the viewers.

CAMPIÑA FRANCESA, PARAISO PARA LOS CORZOS (French countryside, paradise of roebucks) 01/02/2013

El pueblo de Biron, al suroeste de Francia, se convierte año tras año en el destino de multitud de cazadores de corzo. Este pequeño pueblo está rodeado de campos que poseen una gran población de estos animales. Los guías d ela orgànica Actéon Sud-France están especializados en este tipo de caza y conocen perfectamente el territorio.

El rececho es la mejor modalidad para dar caza al corzo. La caza está practicada mayormente por hombres, pero en este documental seremos testigos de las vivencias de una magnífica cazadora, minoría en este deporte.

Este documental está compuesto de numerosos lances en distintas áreas.


The village of Biron, southwest of France is year after year the destination of many roe deer hunters. The small villages surrounded by fields in the area do have a great population of these animals. The guides of the company Acteon Sud-France are specialized in this type of hunting and know the best areas where to stalk.

Stalking is the best system for to hunt a roebuck. Although hunting is practiced mainly by men, in this documentary we see as even being a minority, some women also practice this sport.

This documentary is composed by four great hunts carried out in different areas.

CAZA DEL CONEJO EN EL PIRINEO (Rabbit hunting in the Pyrenees) 02/06/2011
La caza del conejo en el Pirineo es un magnífico documental donde los cazadores tratarán de dar caza a su presa favorita, el conejo de monte.

Los verdaderos protagonistas son los perros de rastro, porqué sin ellos sería imposible dar con los conejos.

Para los cazadores, Joan, Ramón y Pedro, no será fácil hacerse con estos lagomorfos, porque corren a toda velocidad y precisan de unos disparos muy rápidos entre la maleza para darles caza.


Rabbit hunting in the Pyrenees is a wonderful documentary where hunters will try to hunt their favorite prey, the mountain rabbit.

The real protagonists of this documentary are the tracking dogs, because without them it would be impossible to outreach to any rabbit.

For the three hunters, Joan, Ramon and Pedro will not be easy to hunt the lagomorphs, because the rabbits run at high speed and the shots are very quick and in the bush.

CORZOS EN EL CORAZÓN DE LA GASCUÑA (Roebucks in the heart of Gascony) 10/09/2011

El departamento de Gers, al sur de Francia, es uno de los destinos de los cazadores de corzos.

Los guías de la orgànica Actéon Sud-France acompañarán a antonio, René y a Enric, tres cazadores que van en busca de algunos magníficos trofeos de este ungulado.

Por otra parte, Enric es la primera vez que caza el corzo, por lo que vivirá de forma especial esta esperiencia.

Disparos imposibles, cantidad de animales y territorios magníficos deleitarán a los espectadores de este documental.


Gers department in southern of France, is the destination of many roe deer hunters.

The guides of the company Actéon Sud-France will accompany Antonio, René and Enric, three hunters looking for some magnificent trophies of this ungulate.

On the other hand, Enric is the first time that will hunt a roe deer, living an unforgettable experience.

Impossible shots, many animals and beautiful sceneries will delight viewers of this documentary.

DUELO SALVAJE (savage duel) 26/11/2012

For all lovers of roe deer hunting the summer it becomes a moment of special interest, because the smaller Eurasian cervid comes into heat.

Stalking and claim the roe deer are intimately linked at these months.

Julien, knowledgeable guide and hunter, will show you how to attract roe deer imitating its scream, a technique that only very few hunters know.

Moreover, the professionalism of the guides is demonstrated with some approaches at less than 25 meters of the animals.

EN BUSCA DEL SARRIO, UNA CAZA DE ALTURA (Hunting the Pyrenean chamois, a big game) 23/10/2012

There is nothing more thrilling that to stalk the chamois in the highest mountains. Hunting in this beautiful, wild landscape demands not only fitness but, at times, great sacrifice on behalf of the hunter. And the prize is not only one of the most magnificent trophies of large game hunting, but more than the trophy, to have the experience of hunting this wild animal in one of the most inhospitable landscapes.

FANTASMAS EN LAS ALTURAS (Ghosts on the heights) 09/03/2012

Chamois hunting is one of the cynegetic activities that has more followers in Europe. Hunters French, Spanish and Belgian are this time the protagonists of this documentary.

The Canigou is a mountain massif of the Pyrenees, with an incredible quantity and quality of animals.

Very rugged mountains and steep climbs require to the hunter great physically fit.
The shoots to these animals are often at long distances, but the reward is always an excellent trophy.

LA TREPIDANTE CAZA DEL CONEJO DE MONTE (The vibrating mountain rabbit hunting) 25/06/2012

Spania means "land of rabbits"

The great tradition of hunting the mountain rabbit in Catalonia, Spain, has become a real passion for many hunters.

Miguel has a great reala of tracker dogs whose favorite prey is the mountain rabbit.
Pedro, great hunter, will accompany Miguel during a day to hunt a good number of rabbits.

The continuous runs of the dogs and their constant barking are a incredible spectacle for any lover of this type of hunting.

LOS BRUJOS DEL BOSQUE (The wizards of the forest) 25/04/2012

When roe deer come into heat they neglect their security and try to mate with the females. This is the ideal time to grab a big trophy.

When this happens are the females who watch the dangers.

Is normal to observe every day the males looking for females.

The French countryside, with a big population of roe deer, receives every year a multitude of hunters which hope of being able shoot down an good specimen. José María, Francisco and Regé are some of the lucky hunters who enjoy these experiences.

LOS LADRIDOS DEL BOSQUE (The barkings of the forest) 29/10/2012

If something like to a hunter is the fact of enjoy the nature in its entire splendor.
The morning fog, the rising and setting of the sun are some of those moments that cost to forget.

Being in the right place and in the right time each day revives the worthy hobby for the sport of hunting.

Thanks to the expert guides who know perfectly the terrain, hunters can be found on several occasions face to face with the prey, accelerating their hearts.

LOS SECRETOS DE LA CAZA DEL CORZO (The secrets of the roebuck hunting) 28/08/2012

This documentary is fully dedicated to a great hunter, Louis.

Louis takes a lifetime practicing this kind of hunting, having acquired over the years a great skill with the rifle and an exceptional ability to move silently through the fields.

Stalking in the morning and afternoon will charm viewers of this documentary starring one of the most experienced roe deer hunters.

RECECHOS DE CORZO EN EL NORTE DE ESPAÑA (Roebucks stalking in Northern Spain) 02/01/2013

Two of the best places in Spain to hunt the roe deer are almost Barron, a little village in the Basque Country and Àreu, a small and traditional village in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Paco, Isabel and Javier are the protagonists of these hunting adventures that show us how to move through mountains and meadows to shoot a specimen of roe deer.
Vital importance of this hunting method is to know the territory and to know how to interpret the marks that these animals leave the ground and in the trees.

RECECHOS DE CORZO, EN BUSCA DEL DUENDE (Roebuck stalking, looking for the goblin) 13/01/2012

Between July and August, the roe deer is in heat, being normal to see the persecution of males to females. These comings and goings in the form of persecution are a prelude of a glamorous end, the copulation.

Régés, expert hunter, will try to inculcate to his son a love for hunting, still vitally important this generational renewal to keep the traditions.

Hunting in a remote and poorly known place it is possible to be a witness to great spectacles of nature. In this film you will can appreciate a spectacle always hidden at the eyes of humans, the copulation of the most timid of cervids, the roe deer.

TROFEOS DE CIERVO EN BERREA (Red deer trophy in bellowing time ) 02/01/2013
Between September and October there is what is known as a bellowing time. The bellowing time is the annual awakening of the roe deer reproductive instinct, which permeates the mountains of a guttural sounds produced by the males.

Thanks to the expert guides the images of this documentary have been recorded at a very short distance from the animals, which will be the delight of spectators.

Shots at incredible distances, great stalking, camouflage and the excellence of the hunters have been the magic formula to create this magnificent documentary recorded in the Catalan Pyrenees and France.

TIERRA DE TROFEOS, EN BUSCA DEL CIERVO ROJO (Land of trophies, looking for the red deer). 25/03/2013

Hunting the red deer in high mountain has an special interest. On the one hand it has the appeal of being in places completely wild and secondly to have in front of you one of the most impressive big game animals.

This hunting, totally wild, needs some physical endurance, but the reward is an excellent trophy and exciting stalking, because the shots are usually done at close distance due to the closed vegetation.

CAZA EXTREMA DEL CIERVO (Extreme red deer hunting) 01/09/2014

La caza del ciervo de montaña en época de celo es una modalidad de caza mágica donde es posible tener encuentros increíblemente cercanos a los animales.

El conocimiento del terreno por parte del los guías es imprescindible si el cazador quiere acercarse a una buena distancia de tiro.

En este documental se han seleccionado varios lances donde el cazador se acerca a distancias de ensueño a los machos que pretende abatir.

Sin duda alguna, esta corta distancia de tiro merece el nombre de caza extrema de ciervo.


The mountain red deer hunting in rutting season is special and is possible to get incredibly close encounters with animals.

Knowledge of the land by the guides is essential if the hunter wants to get a good shot distance.

In this documentary has been selected several huntings where the hunter approaches to dreamy distances of the males that he tries to abate.

Without doubt, this short throw distance deserves the name of extreme red deer hunting.

NIEBLA Y NIEVE, TERRITORIO DE SARRIOS (Mist and snow, territory of chamois) 01/09/2014

Las palabras invierno y alta montaña sin duda evocan al recuerdo de la caza del sarrio.

Este animal es cazado a rececho y exige un gran esfuerzo por parte del cazador que se adentra en sus territorio. El premio es uno de los trofeos más apreciados de la caza mayor.

La caza de este magnífico animal en zonas de niebla y con abundante nieve convierte en espectacular una jornada normal de caza, todo un espectáculo para la vista.


The words winter and high mountain surely evoke memories of hunting chamois.

This animal is hunted in stalking and requires a great effort by the hunter who enters at their territory. The award is one of the most prized big game trophies.

The hunt for this magnificent animal in fog and snow becomes in spectacular a normal day of hunting, a sight to behold.

REBECO DE LOS ALPES, CAZANDO EN LA VENTISCA (Chamois of the Alps, hunting in the blizzard) 12/03/2014

La caza del rebeco de los Alpes ofrece gran dificultad al cazador, pues para acceder a su hábitat se precisa una buena forma física y aptitud para disparos largos.

El trofeo de rebeco de los Alpes es una de las especies de caza mayor más codiciadas por los cazadores.

En este documental se puede observar como Thomas, excelente guía y apasionado cazador, acompaña a diferentes cazadores por uno de los mejores territorios de los Alpes Franceses Mediterráneos en busca de un buen trofeo de rebeco.

El magnífico paisaje y una excelente población de rebecos harán la delicia de los espectadores.


The Alps chamois hunting offers great difficulty to the hunter because to acces at their habitat is necessary good physical fitness and suitability for long accurate shots.

The trophy of the chamois of the Alps is one of the species most sought after by big game hunters.

In this documentary can be seen as Thomas, excellent guide and passionate hunter, accompanies at different hunters in one of the best areas of Mediterranean French Alps in search of a good chamois trophy.

The magnificent scenery and an excellent population of chamois will delight viewers.

MÁS ALLÁ DE LOS LÍMITES (beyond the limits) 01/05/2013

La gran afición francesa por la caza de la paloma torcaz queda plasmada en las diferentes modalidades de caza destinadas a su captura. Una de ellas utiliza una red para hacerse con las palomas cuando estas comen.

Más de 200 metros de túneles permiten a los cazadores moverse sin ser vistos, atrayendo a las palomas con las más increíbles técnicas.


The great French fondness of wood pigeon hunting is reflected in the different hunting modalities designed to capture them. One of them uses a big network to capture them when they eat.

Over 200 meters of tunnels allow hunters to move unseen, attracting pigeons with the most incredible techniques.

PALOMERAS, EL ARTE DEL ENGAÑO (columbarium, the art of cheat) 07/06/2013
Palomas y pichones salvajes son amaestrados en Francia para conseguir atraer las grandes voladas de paloma torcaz que cruza los Pirineos en dirección a España, donde pasará el invierno.

Una vez engañadas, las palomas torcaces se posarán en unos árboles seleccionados por los cazadores, donde serán abatidos por las escopetas.

Compruebe el sofisticado mecanismo y las técnicas que pasan de padres a hijos cuya finalidad es la de hacerse con el mayor número posible de palomas torcaces.


Wild pigeons are trained in France in order to attract large groups of wood pigeon that fly crossing the Pyrenees towards Spain, where they will spend the winter.

Once deceived, wood pigeons will land in the trees selected by hunters, where they will be hunted.

Check the techniques passed down through families whose purpose is to acquire the largest possible number of wood pigeons.

PIRINEOS, CAZADERO DE SARRIOS (Pyrenees, hunting ground of chamois) 05/10/2013

El Pirineo, con sus 3404 metros de altura y por sus características morfológicas conforma el hábitat idóneo para el sarrio. Por ello estas montañas gozan de una magnífica población de estos animales.

Paco e Isabel son los protagonistas de este magnífico documental, en que estarán acompañados por Eduard, uno de los mejores guías de España.

Con varios precintos los tres cazadores cruzarán picos y valles en busca de uno de sus trofeos favoritos, el trofeo de sarrio.

En su andadura encontrarán huellas de sarrio en la nieve y rastro de uno de los más exuberantes depredadores, el lobo.

Sin duda alguna se trata de un magnífico documental de caza mayor.

The Pyrenees, with its 3404 meters and their morphological characteristics forms an incredible habitat for chamois. Therefore, these mountains has a magnific population of chamois.

Paco and Isabel are the protagonists of this magnificent documentary that will be accompanied by Eduard, one of the best hunting guides of Spain.

The three hunters cross peaks and valleys in search of one of his favorite trophies, the chamois trophy.

In this adventure our friends will found chamois footprints in the snow and trail of one of the most exuberant predator, the wolf.

No doubt PYRENEES, HUNTING GROUND OF CHAMOIS is a superb documentary of big game.

CORZOS DE VERANO, PROFESIONALES DEL RECLAMO reclamo (Summer bucks, the best calling professionals) 05/01/2014

Eric es uno de los mejores guías de la orgánica Actéon Sud-France. En esta ocasión acompañará durante varias jornadas a Romain, un experto cazador y tirador.

Años de dedicación en la caza del corzo han desarrollado en Eric una gran habilidad en el reclamo de estos magníficos animales.

Impresionantes reclamos, numerosos lances y disparos imposibles convierten en espectacular este documental grabado en el sur de Francia.


Eric is one of the best guides of Actéon Sud-France. On this occasion he will accompanied to Romain for several days, who is an expert hunter and shooter.
Years of dedication to hunting deer have developed in Eric a great skill in the claim for these magnificent animals.

Impressive claims, numerous huntings and become impossible shots have been filmed in this spectacular documentary of southern France.

LAS CLAVES DEL RECLAMO Y VALORACIÓN DEL CORZO (the keys of the claim and valoration of the roebuck) 07/01/2015
Este documental está protagonizado por Romain, experto cazador y Éric, guía profesional.

Grabado en el Departamento del Gers, Francia, enseña de qué manera y con qué se atraen los corzos en época de celo.

Explicaciones muy claras y prácticas de mano de los profesionales junto a unos lances espectaculares harán la delicia de los espectadores de este documental.
TRAS LA SENDA DEL SARRIO (On the trail of the chamois) 15/04/2015
La caza del sarrio en rececho es una modalidad que gusta a todo cazador aventurero.

Sus requerimientos físicos para llevarla a cabo la convierte en inaccesible para muchos cazadores, aunque los afortunados que la practican disfrutan cada segundo de la jornada.

Dos cazadores y dos guías en un mismo territorio pero con aventuras distintas son la base este documental que está enriquecido con los conocimientos sobre fauna de Enric, uno de los guías.


The chamois hunting in stalking is a method that like to all adventurous hunter.
Their physical requirements to carry it out makes it inaccessible to many hunters, although the lucky ones who practice it enjoy every second of the day.
Two hunters and two guides in the same territory but with different adventures are the base of this documentary that is enriched with the wildlife knowledge of Enric, one of the guides.

MACHO MONTÉS, CACERÍA MARCA ESPAÑA (Spanish ibex, hunt Spain brand) 01/07/2015
El Maestrazgo, en la provincia de Castellón posee uno de los tesoros de nuestro país, el macho montés.

Cazadores de todo el mundo acuden a nuestro país en busca de un trofeo de macho montés, pues la exclusividad de estos animales los convierten en una verdadera joya cinegética.

Bienvenidos a la caza del macho montés, bienvenidos a esta cacería marca España. The Maestrazgo in the province of Castellon has one of the treasures of our country, the Spanish Ibex.

Hunters all over the world come to our country in search of a Spanish Ibex trophy because the exclusivity of these animals makes them a true jewel.

Welcome to hunting the Spanis Ibex, welcome to this hunting Spain brand.REBECO ALPINO, UN RECECHO EXIGENTE (chamois, the most amazing stalking) 20/09/2015
En esta ocasión el equipo de filmación se ha desplazado a los Alpes Franceses en busca de un animal imponente, el rebeco alpino.

Paisajes de ensueño y cantidad de animales serán la delicia de los espectadores.This time the film team has traveled to the French Alps in search of an impressive animal, the Alpine chamois.

Dreamy landscapes and many animals will delight the spectators

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