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Metal Shop

5 x 60 minutes

Available Worldwide for All Platforms


Experience a no-holds-barred, insider’s look at life on stage and behind the scenes with some of the hottest 80’s rock bands. This backstage pass gives you access to all the hard-hitting interviews where no question is too personal and no answer too dirty. Delve into the music, the bands, the lives, and the passions of the legendary musicians. Be prepared for a rock and roll journey of a lifetime! Highlighted bands include KISS, Journey, Poison, Extreme, Damn Yankees, Def Leppard, Firehouse, Skid Row, Megadeath, Anthrax, Mr. Big, and more!

Episodes Include:

Extreme Edition – Damn Yankees, White Lion, Extreme
Maximum Edition – Nelson, Def Leppard, Lita Ford
Adrenaline Edition – Firehouse, Skid Row, Scorpions, Megadeath
Lethal Edition – Poison, Anthrax, Mr. Big
Toxic Edition – Kiss, Winger, Slaughter, Hardline

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