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the African history of sport

3 X 96 minutes.

In HD.


African History


At least five thousand years ago, ancient African Civilizations in KMT/Egypt, Nubia/Sudan, Ethiopia and Nile Valley East African Kingdoms, invented a ‘Grand Philosophy’ which they called several names, including Swtwt, (SWETWET) which means ‘to make the heart light’; Sedjay—Her, to amuse oneself; and Shmh--IB, (SEKMEK--IB) ‘to make the heart forget’ We do not know if these names classified different types of sport. What we do know is that most Olympic blue ribbon sports had their origins in Ancient Egypt, peopled by black Africans at that time.

The African History of Sport is a series of three programmes that looks at the evidence in detail left by the Pharaohs and their civilization. It also looks at the problem of a Eurocentric education system, and how Egyptian history can decolonize both history and education.

Black academic and historian Robin Walker guides us through the evidence and discusses recent controversies about the racial make up of the Ancient Egyptians, and how other nations claimed to have invented the Sports we know today.

Programme 1: Discusses the importance of Swtwt, Sedjay and Shmh—IB to Egyptian society and how the fitness rituals of the Pharaohs and their armies, and the games of girls and boys became what we know as Sport.

Programme 2: Continues the investigation of the origins of modern sports and pastimes. From swimming and diving to fishing and rowing. It looks at the early origins of fencing known as stick fighting. The Egyptians pioneered the use of the umpire in wrestling, and used grand sporting occasions as part of their International diplomacy, inviting foreign competitors and spectators to large competitions. The Greeks even sent envoys to Egypt for advice on running their Olympics. The programme concludes that Sport could be the great unifier and pathway to a more peaceful world.

Programme 3: tells the story of the African history of board games primarily chess, backgammon, checkers, and snakes and ladders; how the creation of these games has been attributed to every race, except the Black Africans who invented them.
The African History of Sport is a fascinating well-researched academic work that educates and entertains all who watch it.

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