What's New From Global Telemedia?
lest we forgetLest We Forget
is a music special whose sole purpose is to celebrate and honor some of the many important musicians and music industry icons who passed away in 2016.
  lot and lots seriesCarotina Super Bip
An animated series featuring cute new friends from the vegetable patch. Their goal is to entertain and improve reading skills.
  Come Before WinterCome Before Winter tells the true story of two foes of Adolf Hitler: Sefton Delmer and Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer during the dying days of the Third Reich.
fish'n' crazee showThe Fish'N' Crazee Show
Up to date fishing techniques, new lures, fishing tackle and exploring the local culture and cuisine, all in the name of fish'n crazee!
  TRavel Thru HistoryTravel Thru History
This blog-style, high-energy show, narrated by our host, Jillian Young, tells the story of cities in a unique way, while showcasing their attractions.
  limo miamiLimo Miami TV
This new TV series takes you inside the limo and behind the scenes of one of the most luxurious limo companies in the most diverse city in the world.
planet fashion tvPlanet Fashion TV
A behind the scenes series for international Millenials
about fashion magazines and the inner work of fashion jobs as well!
  lady gaga - one sequin at a timeLady Gaga - One Sequin At A Time
Not since Madonna has the pop world experienced a cultural icon like Stefani Germanotta.
  the hunt companyThe Hunt Co.
The real story of a group of hunters from the Ozark Mountains and their development into skilled outdoor producers.

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