What's New From Global Telemedia?
authorsand composersAuthors and Composers

A wide selection of documentaries of the lives of the world's greatest musicians and writers.
  into the outdoorsInto the Outdoors

A new series that empowers today’s kids to think critically about Planet Earth and become environmentally aware.
  the rise of A.I.The Rise of A.I.

Discover a world of artificial intelligence all around us. Meet the experts and creators behind the artificial intelligence of our generation.
Holy PlacesHoly Places

The places men and women have built to honor their beliefs. See structures that have survived the centuries from the beginning of recorded time.
    taste of franceTaste of France

A dynamic 10-episode TV-series combining documentary, cooking, and host driven sequences meeting some of France's best Michelin-starred chefs.
Greg McHale's Wild YukonGreg McHale's Wild Yukon

This series pushes the boundaries of the hunting show genre into one of the few remaining wild corners of North America: Canada's Yukon.

takes you to see upcoming start-ups and entrepreneurs from across the globe, and new technologies that are transforming our planet for the better.
  the hunt companyThe Cannabis Biz

takes you deep inside the worldwide marijuana business with behind-the-scenes access to all areas of the cannabis industry.

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