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736 Titles - 50 Years of Cinema Classics from the 1920’s – 1970’s

A Bride For Henry
A Farewell To Arms
A Star Is Born
Adventure Island
Affairs Of Cappy Ricks
Against A Crooked Sky
Alice Adventures In Wonderland
Alice Of Wonderland In Paris
All Over Town
Angel On My Shoulder
Beat The Devil
Behave Yourself
Beyond Tomorrow
Bill Cracks Down
Black Tights
Boys In The City
Breakfast In Hollywood
Broadway Limited
Calender Girl
Career Girl
Catch Me A Spy
Colonel Effinghams Raid
Country Gentleman
Delightfully Dangerous
Doll Face
Earthworm Tractors
Escape To Paradise
Eternally Yours
False Pretensis
Flying Wild
Freckles Comes Home
Ghost On The Loose
Ginger In The Morning
Good Bye Love
Gullivers Travels
Hay Foot
Heading For Heaven
Her Favorite Patient Aka Bedside Manner
Here Comes Trouble
Hi De Ho
Hi Diddle Diddle
His Double Life
His Girl Friday
His Private Secretary
Hollywood And Vine
Hoosier Schoolboy
I’m From Akansas
It Seemed Likr A Good Idea At The Time
Kid Dynamite
Killer Diller
King Kelly Of The Usa
Lay That Rifle Down
Let’s Get Tough
Lets Go Collegate
Life With Father
Lonely Wives
Lost Honeymoon
Lost In The Stratosphere
Love Laughs At Andy Hardy
Lovers And Liars
Made For Each Other
Meet The Mayor Aka A Fools Advice
Minstrel Man
Misbehavin’ Husbands
Money Means Nothing
Mr Adams Bomb Aka Musical Shorts
Mr Boggs Steps Out
Mr Imperium
Murder With Music
My Dear Secretary
My Favorite Brunette
My Man Godfrey
Never Wave A Wac
Niagra Falls
Nothing Sacred
Oliver Twist
Our Town
Paradise In Harlem
Pecks Bad Boy At The Circus
People Are Funny
Perils Of Pauline
Pot O’ Gold
Private Buckeroo
Private Snuffy Smith
Reaching For The Moon
Reet Petite And Gone
Rescue From Gilligans Island
Riding On Air
Road Show
Road To Bali
Rock N’ Roll Revue
Rock Rock Rock
Royal Wedding
Run To The High Country Aka Trap On Cougar Mountain
Rythm And Blues Revue
Rythm In The Clouds
Second Chorus
Sing Cowboy Sing
Sitting On The Moon
Something Special Aka Willy/Milly
Something To Sing About
Spooks Run Wild
St Benny The Dip
Stage Door Canteen
Swing High Swing Low
Swing Hostess
Swing It Sailor
Take Your Best Shot
Texas Brooklyn And Heaven
That Uncertain Feeling
That’s My Baby
The Admiral Was A Lady
The Amazing Adventure Aka The Amazing Quest Of Ernest Bliss
The Animal Kingdom
The Big Chance
The Big Show
The Borrowers
The Duke Is Tops
The Fabulous Dorseys
The Fat Spy
The Flying Deuces
The Gangs All Here
The General
The Great Gabbo
The Great Rupert
The Groom Wore Spurs
The Hurricane Express
The Inspector General
The Iron Mask
The Kid
The Lady Says No
The Little Princess
The Lost World
The Medicine Man
The Milky Way
The Nasty Rabbit
The Nut Farm
The Over The Hill Gang Rides Again
The Over The Hill Gang
The Pied Piper Of Hamelin
The Racketeer
The Rage Of Paris
The Road To Hollywood
The Seniors
The Sin Of Harold Diddlebuck
The Steagle
The Time Of Your Life
The Town Went Wild
The Villain Still Pursued Her
There Goes The Bride
Three Broadway Girls Aka The Greeks Had A Word For Them
Three Husbands
Till The Clouds Roll By
Too Many Women
Treasure Of Fear Aka Scared Stiff
Up In The Air
Wake Me Up When The War Is Over
Were In The Legion Now
When The Girls Take Over
Wild Guitar

A Bucket Of Blood
A Shriek In The Night
A Study In Scarlet
Anatomy Of A Psycho
Atom Age Vampire
Attack Of The Giant Leeches
Bell From Hell
Black Dragons
Blood Sabbath
Bloody Pit Of Horror
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back
Bulldog Drummond Escapes
Bulldog Drummond In Africa
Bulldog Drummond’s Peril
Bulldog Drummond’s Revenge
Bulldog Drummond’s Secret Police
Carnival Of Souls
Crimes Of The Dark House
Crucible Of Horror Aka The Corpse
Curse Of Bigfoot
Dead Men Walk
Death In The Shadows
Death Rage
Death Warmed Up
Dementia 13
Devil Times Five Aka Peopletoys
Doomed To Die
Dr Jekyl And The Werewolf
Dr Jekyl And Mr Hyde
Dr Tarrs Torture Chamber Aka The Mansion Of Madness
Dressed To Kill
Drive In Massacre
End Of The World
Frankenstein 80
Funeral Home Aka Cries In The Night
Grave Of The Vampire
Great Guy
Green Eyes
Guru The Mad Monk
Hands Of A Stranger
Hands Of Steel
Horror Express
Horrors Of Spider Island
House On Haunted Hill
How Awful About Allan
I Bury The Living
I Eat Your Skin Aka Zombie Bloodbath
International Crime
Invisible Ghost
It Happened At Nightmare Inn
Kansas City Confidential
Keep My Grave Open
King Of The Zombies
Lady Frankenstein
Man In The Attic
Manos The Hands Of Fate
Messiah Of Evil
Midnight Manhunt
Monster Aka Monstroid It Came From The Lake
Mr Moto’s Last Warning
Mr Wong Detective
Murder At Midnight
Murder By Television
Murder With Pictures
Mystery Liner
Night Of Bloody Horror
Night Of Ther Blood Beast
Nightmare Castle
Oasis Of Zombies Aka The Treasure Of The Living Dead
One Body To Many
Radio Ranch
Revolt Of The Zombies
Scared To Death
Scarlet Street
Scream In The Night
Shadow Of Chinatown
Silent Night Bloody Night Aka Night Of The Full Dark Moon
Sisters Of Death
Slashed Dreams Aka Sunburst
Swamp Women
Terror By Night
Terror Creatures From The Grave
The Amazing Mr X
The Amazing Transparent Man
The Ape
The Bat
The Beast Of Yucca Flats
The Blanchville Monster Aka Horror
The Bloody Grood
The Body Beneath
The Brain The Wouldn’t Die
The Corpse Vanishes
The Crimes Of Stephen Hawke
The Demon
The Devil Bat
The Devil’s Hand
The Devil’s Messenger
The Devil’s Nightmare
The Dungeon Of Harrow
The Eerie Midnight Horror Show
The Embalmer
The Fatal Hour
The Ghost
The Gorrilla
The House By The Cemertery
The House Of The Dead Aka Alien Zone
The House That Screamed
The Killer Shrews
The Last Man On Earth
The Last Woman On Earth
The Legend Of Bigfoot
The Little Shop Of Horrors
The Long Hair Of Death
The Monster Maker
The Moonstone
The Murder Mansion
The Mysterious Mr Wong
The Night Everlyn Came Out Of Her Grave
The Nightmare Never Ends Aka Cataclysim
The Oval Portrait Aka One Moment Before Death
The Phantom Creeps
The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues
The Sadist
The Secret Weapon
The Severed Arm
The Sign Of Four
The Stranger
The Tell Tale Heart
The Terror
The Thirsty Dead
The Ticket Or Leave Man
The Triumph Of Sherlock Holmes
The Undertaker And His Pals
The Vampire Bat
The War Of The Robots
The Werewolf And The Vampire Women
The Witches Mountain
The World Gone Mad
Too Late For Tears
Warriors Of The Wasteland
Werewolf Woman
White Zombie

984 Prisoner Of The Future
Alien Contamination
Assignment Outer Space
Atomic Brain Aka Monstrosity
Attack Of The Giant Leeches
Attack Of The Monsters
Battle Beyond The Stars
Beast From The Haunted Cave
Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla
Beyond Obsession
Beyond The Moon
Blood Thirst
Bride Of The Gorilla
Crash Of Moons
Creature From The Haunted Sea
Curse Of The Headless Horseman
Death Machines
Destroy All Planets
Dogs Of Hell
Driller Killer
Escape From Galaxy 3
Evil Brain From Outer Space
Extra Terrestrial Visitors
First Spaceship On Venus
Frozan Alive
Fugitive Alien
Future Hunters
Future Women
Gamera The Invincible
Grave Of The Vampire
Horror Of The Zombies Aka The Ghost Galleon
House Of The Living Dead
Hyper Sapian – People From Another Star
Indestructable Man
Invasion Of The Bee Girls
It’s Alive
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter
Killers From Space
Kong Island
Laser Mission
Legacy Of Blood
Life Returns
Maneater Of Hydra
Menace From Outer Space
Mission Stardust
Monster From A Prehistoric Planet
Moon Of The Wolf
Mutant Aka Night Shadows
Night Fright
Night Of The Living Dead
Planet Outlaws
Primal Impulse
Queen Of The Amazon
Raiders Of Atlantis
Robo Vampire
Rocket Attack Usa
Silver Needle In The Sky
Snake People
Son Of Inagi
Sound Of Horror
Star Knight
Star Pilot
Teenage Zombies
Teenagers From Space
The Alien Factor
The Alpha Incident
The Astral Factor
The Beast Of Yellow Night
The Brother From Another Planet
The Creeping Terror
The Day Time Ended
The Drums Of Jeopardy
The Eyes Behind The Stars
The Firing Line
The Fury Of The Wolfman
The Galaxy Invader
The Giant Gila Monster
The Gypsy Moon
The Head
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
The Incredible Petrified World
The Lucifer Complex
The Mad Monster
The Manster
The Monster Walks
The Phantom Of The Opera
The Phantom Planet
The Pyx
The Revenge Of Doctor X
The Screaming Skull
The She Beast
The Snow Creature
The Vampire Night Orgy
The Wasp Woman
The Werewolf Versus The Vampire Woman
Top Line
Torture Ship
Trapped By Television
Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women
War Of The Planets
Welcome Of Blood City
White Pongo

Black Brigade Aka Carters Army
Black Cobra II
Black Cobra III
Black Cobra
Black Streetfighter Aka Bogard
Lady Cocoa
Mean Johnny Barrows
South Bronx Heros
The Adventures Of Jesse Crowder In Death Journey
The Black Gestapo
The Black Six
The Final Comedown
The Tattoo Conection

A Time For Dying
Any Gun Can Play
Apache Blood
Bells Of Corondo
Cry Blood, Apache
Curse Of Demon Mountain Aka The Shadow Of Shikara
Daniel Boone Trailblazer
Deadwood ’76
Drums In The Deep South
Four Rode Out
Gone With The West Aka Little Moon And Jud Mcgraw
Jesse James Women
Kansas Pacific
Kentucky Rifle
Kid Vengeance
Massacre At Ground Canyon
Mc Clintock
Northwest Trail
One Eyed Jacks
Over The Hill Gang Ride Again
Over The Hill Gang
Rage At Dawn
Salome Where She Danced
Savage Journey
The Big Trees
The Bold Cabellero
The Deadly Companions
The Desperate Mission
The Devil And Leroy Bassett
The Gattling Gun
The Gun And The Pulpit
The Hanged Man
The Proud And The Damned
The Proud Rebel
The Young Land
Wackiest Wagon Train In The West

3 Bullets For Ringo
Boot Hill
China 9 Liberty 37
Dead Aim
Dead For A Dollar
Dead Men Dont Make Shadows
Death Rides A Horse
Django Kill
Fistful Of Lead
Gods Gun
It Can Be Done Amigo
The Deserter
This Man Cant Die
Trinity And Sartana
Whit Commanche

A Christmas Without Snow
A Real American Hero
All The Kind Strangers
Border Cop
C. And Company
Children Of The Night
Coach Of The Year
Cold Front
Cold Sweat
Congratulations Its A Boy
Crypt Of The Living Dead
Death Scream
Divorce His – Divorce Hers Part 1
Divorce His – Divorce Hers Part 2
Evel Knievel
Good Against Evil
How Awful About Allan
James Dean
Jane Eyre
Maybe I’ll Come Home In The Spring
Mister Scarface
Mr Sycamore
Murder On Flight 502
Rehearsal For Murder
Rogue Male
The Ballad Of Andy Crocker
The Cop In Blue Jeans
The Death Of Ritchie
The Disappearence Of Flight 412
The Drivers Seat Aka Identikit
The Four Deuces
The Klansman
The Last Of The Belles
The New Adventures Of Heidi
The Pride Of Jesse Hallem
The River Niger
The Squeeze
The Swiss Conspiracy
The Treasure Of Jamaica Reef
The Werewolf Of Washinton
They Call It Murder
To All My Friends On Shore
Wacky Taxi
Wanted Babysitter

A Man’s Land
Across The Plains
Alias The Badman
Arizona Round-Up
Battles Of Chief Pontiac
Bells Of San Fenando
Below The Border
Between Fightin Men
Between Men
Billy The Kid Fugitive Of The Plains
Billy The Kid In Texas
Billy The Kid Trapped
Billy The Kid Wanted
Billy The Kid’s Gun Justice
Billy The Kid’s Range War
Blazing Justice
Boot Hill Bandits
Boothill Brigade
Border Cabellero
Border Devils
Border Phantom
Boss Of Rawhide
Brand Of The Outlaws
Branded Men
Brothers Of The West
Buckskin Frontier
Bullets And Saddles
Call Of The Forest
Cattle Stampede
Cavalcade Of The West
Clearing The Range
Code Of The Fearless
Come On Cowboys
Coyote Trails
Dawn On The Great Divide
Dead Or Alive
Death Rides The Range
Death Valley
Devil Riders
Drum Taps
Dynamite Ranch
Fast Bullets
Feud Of The Range
Feud Of The Trail
Fightin Mad
Forbidden Trails
Frontier Days
Frontier Justice
Frontier Outlaws
Frontier Pony Express
Frontier Scout
Frontier Town
Fugitive Of The Plains
Fugitive Valley
Gangsters Den
Ghost Patrol
Ghost Town Gold
Ghost Town Law
Git Along Little Doggie
Grand Canyon Trail
Gun Lords Of Stirrup Basin
Guns In The Dark
Hands Across The Border
Heart Of The Rockies
Hidden Valley
High Lonesome
His Brothers Ghost
Hittin’ The Trail
Homesteaders Of Paradise Valley
I Killed Wild Bill Hickok
Idaho Kid
Jesse James At Bay
King Of The Cowboys
Last Of The Warrens
Law And Lawless
Law Of The Rio Grande
Law Of Vengence
Lawless Range
Lightnin Bill Carson
Loaded Pistols
Lost Ranch
My Outlaw Brother
Mystery Ranch
Neath The Arizona Skies
No Mans Range
North Of Arizona
Oath Of Vengeance
Oh, Susanna!
Oklohoma Terror
On The Great White Trail
On The Old Spanish Trail
Panhandle Trail Aka The Mysterious Rider
Parl Avenue Logger
Raiders Of Old California
Raiders Of Red Gap
Red River Valley
Renegade Girl
Ride Ranger Ride
Riders Of The Sage
Ridin’ Down The Canyon
Ridin’ The Cherokee Trail
Roamin’ Wild
Roarin’ Guns
Roarin’ Lead
Roaring Six Guns
Roll On Texas Moon
Romance On The Range
Rustlers Hideout
Saga Of Death Valley
Sheriff Of Sage Valley
Six Shootin’ Sheriff
Son Of The Renegade
Song Of Arizona
Song Of Nevada
Southward Ho
Springtime In The Sierras
Stormy Trails
Sunset Range
Sunset Serenade
Take Me Back To Oklahoma
Texas Buddies
Texas Trouble Shooters
The Apache Kid’s Escape
The Border Menace
The Boss Cowboy
The Brand Of Hate
The Cheyanne Kid
The Cowboy And The Bandit
The Cowboy And The Indians
The Cowboy Millionaire
The Crooked Trail
The Dawn Rider
The Dude Bandit
The Fightin Renegade
The Fightin’ Westerner Aka The Rockey Mountain Mystery
The Gambling Terror
The Gunman From Bodie
The Hard Hombre
The Kid Rides Again
The Laramie Kid
The Last Of The Clintons
The Law Of The 45’S
The Man From Texas
The Montana Kid
The Naked Hills
The Night Rider
The Old Barn Dance
The Range Busters
The Red Blood Of Courage
The Rider Of The Law
The Three Mesqeteers
The Trail Beyond
The Trail Of The Silver Spurs
The Trusted Outlaw
The Two Gun Man
The Utah Trail
The Yellow Rose Of Texas
Thunder In The Desert
Thunder Over Texas
To The Last Man
Tombstone Canyon
Trail Of The Hawk Aka The Hawk
Trailing Double Trouble
Trouble Busters
Trouble In Texas
Under Western Stars
Valley Of Terror
Wagon Trail
Wagon Wheels
Wall Street Cowboy
Whistlin Dan
Whistling Bullets
Wild Horse Phantom
Wild Horse
Wings Over Wyoming Aka Hollywood Cowboy
Wolves Of The Range
Wranglers Roost
Young Buffalo Bill


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