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the wanimal a to zorld of lions
Animal A to Z

38 x 8 minutes
(21 x 8 minutes are in English)

Available for All Platforms (excluding DVD) for North, Central, and South America


animals a to z

For Children Ages 4-10

This exciting series is full of information and curiosity, answering the many questions frequently asked by children about the natural world. The series' objective is to depict, reveal, and help children understand the extraordinary world of nature and to unveil the secret life of the wild inhabitants of our planet. The animals' features, their habits, their behavior, and the interesting facts surrounding their extravagant adaptation to the natural environment that surrounds them is both educational and entertaining for young ones. Being familiar with the natural world represents the first step towards loving, respecting, and defending our extraordinary natural treasures. The entire series is like an adventurous journey with different stops, each one independent from the others, but all linked by a common topic: an exploratory journey in the fascinating world ofanimal life!

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