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Lots and Lots - Series

Perfect for Pre-School Boys!
Available Worldwide for All Platforms (ex US)

From a member producer of The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media in the United States come the Lots and Lots Series:

JETS AND PLANES - 3 x 80 minutes
TRUCKS - 2 x 40 minutes
FIRE TRUCKS - 2 x 35 minutes
TRAINS - 4 x 45 minutes
TOY TRAINS - 1 x 80 minutes


What are pre-school boys interested in? Jets, Airplanes, Trucks, Trains -- and Lots and Lots of them! This mega hit series for DVD in the USA is now available worldwide for all platforms.

A boy is constantly using his imagination to come up with a world of play. He is fascinated by the things around him and creates his own world based on the things he sees and hears at an early age. Many of these come from motorized vehicles and sounds of engines. Sit a young boy in front of racing trucks or big steaming trains and he will be captivated for hours! He will want to see it over and over and you, the parent, can virtually walk away, knowing he will be there when you come back! You can also tell him about these captivating motorized things that he may see while traveling around his neighborhood.

Award winning educational children’s programs now available for exclusive licensing worldwide. Lots and Lots of interest!!!

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