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Seas & Oceans 2
Mediterranean Sub II

Length: 13 x 26' HD
Bluescreen S.L.


mediterranean Sub

This occasion we are visiting the most amazing places in the Mediterranean Sea, but this time we shoot in HDTV quality. Amberjacks, barracudas, moray eels, conger eels, eagle rays... together with many other tiny animals, but not for this less beautiful and surprising, like nudibranchs, seastars, shrimps... spectacular colonial animals as ascidians, gorgonians, Mediterranean madreporarian corals, red coral, false black coral... diving in a submarine world plenty of posidonia meadows, caves, wrecks, cliffs... A sea that has been the origin of civilizations and where ancient rests, emblematic culture, and marine species are widespread. Roman baths in Pamukale (Turkey), fishermen with lobster traps in Ustica (Italy), and some of the last monk seals in Zakinthos (Greece) are more examples of the wonders we found in this trip... All this and much more in 13 chapters of 26 minutes each, in 16:9 HDCAM format.

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