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Animal Files

20 x 26 minutes

Available for All Platforms for North, Central, and South America


Scientists are just starting to understand the complex nature of the animal world.  In their opinion, each behavior, each shape and each color are never there by mere chance.  Everything takes place following a rigorous survival law.  Following the guidance of specialists in ecology, animal behavior, and natural sciences, this series will allow the viewer to get to know and better understand the marvelous world of animals.  And it might also, very often, uncover the deep roots of many human behaviors.

Episodes Include: Animals’ sight and sight seeing, Animals without frontiers, Biodiversity, Instinct and learning, Just meeting or mating, Numbering Nature, The biological clock, The ecological niche, The global rulers, Together or alone, AN alibi for the violence, Extra-sensory perceptions, Lets start from the tail, Lies, Life is a game, Feet; life support, Nature’s engineers, Nature’s orchestra, Private property, and Sleeping beauties.

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