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end of chrysler
Chrysler - An American Automotive Icon

1 x 60 minutes
Available Worldwide for All Platforms


One of the pioneering spirits of the American car industry, Walter P. Chrysler, established a successful car company that would influence American culture and driving habits far into the next century. Chrysler’s climb to the top is a fascinating journey juxtaposed against the raucous background of the Roaring ‘20’s and the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The Chrysler Corporation is an 85 year old saga packed with dramatic stories. It is a chronicle of stunning successes and sensational failures, brilliant engineering, and calculated risks.

Although Walter P. Chrysler came from humble beginnings, his love of machinery and his insistence on engineering excellence allowed him to build one of the most iconic car companies in America.

This documentary looks at the automotive industry through World War II and into post-war America in the ‘50s; the rise of NASCAR and the important role Chrysler engineering played with the development of the hemi engine.

“Walter P. Chrysler was responsible for making an American generation.” - US President Barack Obama.

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