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definitive history of world war 2
The Definitive History of World WarII

10 x 60 minutes

Available Worldwide for all platforms.
Production year: 2005


1939-1945. Six years. Within the scope of history, six years is a relatively short period of time, but these six years entirely changed the world by producing battles and shaping lives beyond anything civilized man had known before. Thirty-five million people died in this war and many of them were never in uniform. As for the men in uniform, these soldiers witnessed incredible events and performed duties that redefined bravery. There was no ambiguity regarding good and evil. When it all finally came to an end, the whole planet had to look forward to see what the future would bring, but they also had to look back to see what the world had learned.

In this new 10-part documentary series, compelling interviews with veterans who fought during the war recount personal experiences and provide an extraordinary new perspective on the greatest military struggle the world has ever endured. Rare and, in some cases, previously unseen war footage from archives all over the world has been assembled in this poignant and sometimes harrowing documentary which captures the heart and spirit of the twentieth century’s greatest conflict.

Episode 1: Pre-War Years
A step-by-step look at how the world went from one global war to the other, witnessing the rise of Hitler, as well as the other elements that helped Germany, Italy and Japan establish power; power for invasions that eventually became numerous and devastating in their destruction. By the end of the episode, we see the Nazi army on the march as they attempt to invade what was then a true prize for Adolf Hitler: Great Britain.

Episode 2: Attack on Great Britain
With France occupied by the Nazis and America yet to fight, Britain seemed quite alone as it took on Hitler and the entire German force.
This episode gives a detailed look at how the British coped, prepared and fought back. This chapter also lays the groundwork for the key battles that were then taking place in the Pacific, ending with the United States on the verge of war as it breaks off trade with Imperial Japan.

Episode 3: Pearl Harbor
By looking at the fully 60th year Anniversary Presentation of “Pearl Harbor, America’s Darkest Day”, this episode serves up a detailed examination into the hour-by-hour facts of December 7, 1941, as well as the controversial conspiracy theories still surrounding that fateful day. Five proud Pearl Harbor veterans are interviewed. By the end of this extensive hour in the Pacific, we return to Europe as Hitler invades Russia.

Episode 4: March Into Russia
Through the actual sights and sounds of the U.S., movie-house newsreel, we see the long and impossible journey that Nazi Germany made into Russia, a brutal and harrowing trek made all the more real by obtaining the information through the eyes and ears of the time: the educational newsreel that brought America the facts, with all the patriotism and emotion of the moment. It’s history from a historic medium.

Episode 5: Birth of Special Forces
Jack Singlaub and E.F. Andy Andrews fought in two different theaters of war, for two different branches of the United States military.
They were elite soldiers, with Singlaub in one of the secretive Jedberg Teams of occupied France and Andrews in the early teams that would later evolve into the Navy Seals. Both of these men give us remarkable detailed interviews, taking into the duel theaters of World War II.

Episode 6: The Information War
Looking into the battles of the Pacific Theater, this hour explores the eents at Wake Island, as well as what happened in the Coral Sea.
Pacific front hero James Doolittle is also profiled, along with the way in which the U.S. was educated regarding the European Theater of war. It was a set of facts that isolationist America ignored for many years, but not the country had to realize that war was more than fighting Japan.

Episode 7: Battle of China

Getting to the core of the Asian war that in large part led up to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This episode shows the true makings of the conflict between China and Japan; a conflict that was brewing for centuries. It’s a mismatch of both size and ambitions; we see how the tiny country of Japan grew into the kind of power that believed it could invade, fight, and conquer a full fifth of the Earth’s population.

Episode 8: Women In Wartime
The whole world is at war, on every continent. This hour goes everywhere and sees everything: to Guadal Canal, to the raid of Cologne, to the attacks on North Africa, to the battle of Stalingrad, to the breaking of the Leningrad siege, to the events that raged in the Bismarck Sea, to the end of the Tunisian campaign, to the Allies entering Sicily, as well as a look at U.S. bombers blasting the oil fields of Ploesti.

Episode 9: Turning the Tide
America lands at Salerno, the Allies enter Naples, the Moscow conference opens, Cassino is seized, American forces arrive on Guam, FDR receives a fourth term, Belgium is liberated, Germany is invaded, the battle of the Bulge takes place, Douglas MacArthur returns to the Philippines, the Burma Road is opened, U.S. Marines land on Iwo Jima, the United States enforces midnight curfews and Normandy experiences D-Day.

Episode 10: Final Victory
It’s the end of the war. The bombs are dropped on Japan, the Nazis have been defeated and the Allied soldiers are coming home. Post war news shows us just how close the Germans were to building their own super weapons. We also witness the war crimes trials that are held for both Japanese and German officers. The streets of America are mobbed for V-E Day and V-J Day… and the planet survives its second worldwide war.

Bonus Episode: INSIDE WWII
Take a deeper look inside WWII with this episode filled with inspirational information behind history’s most fascinating war.
Archival footage and original radio transmissions give the viewer an almost behind-the-scenes look at weaponry, maps, generals, and so much more to create a comprehensive inside look at the war that changed history.

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