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The Discovery of Marilyn Monroe

1 X 60 minutes

Available for Broadcast and Home Video


In June of 1945, Captain Ronald Reagan, of the U.S. Army’s 1st Motion Picture Unit ordered a young private photographer, David Conover, to do a routine assignment photographing pretty factory workers helping in the war effort. The private was impressed and intrigued by one particularly gorgeous 19 year old by the name of Norma Jeane Dougherty.

Her charm and natural ease in front of the camera compelled the young private to encourage Norma Jeane to do an entire portfolio, and he offered his services free of charge. This special features the original portfolio that set young Norma Jeane on the course to eternal stardom. These pictures were lost for three decades and recovered recently. See through these original photos, the true story of how this legendary demigod got her start.

Join Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell and husband Jim Dougherty for the first reunion in 40 years, and hear about some of Marilyn’s personal traits and secret professional stories. We visit with her aunt, who recounts personal letters and pictures. This totally new approach to Marilyn as a star, a friend, and a relative has never been so beautifully produced or retold.

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