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flyung over everest
Flying Over Everest

1 x 60 minutes

Available Worldwide for all platforms.
Production year: 1998
Languages: English, Italian


Flying Over Everest follows the antics and adventures of the late Angelo D’Arrigo and his efforts to fly a hang glider over the summit of Mt Everest.

Featuring paragliding, hang gliding, flying with birds and Mt Everest of course, this is more than simply a documentation of the event itself. Flying over Everest is a fascinating insight into Angelo’s preparations for the flight and records his time spent testing both himself and his equipment in wind tunnels and hypobaric chambers with the Italian Airforce.

Whilst a bold and adventurous pilot, Angelo was also passionate about birds of prey. Alongside his preparations for the flight, Angelo raises and trains two steppe eagles using both paragliders and hang gliders, with the aim of reintroducing them to the Mt Everest valley system.

Once in Nepal, the pace quickens as Angelo and microlight pilot Richard Meridith-Hardy set off on the historic flight. A snapped tow line just below the summit caused controversy and speculation in the world of free flight, causing many pilots to question Angelo’s claims of flying over Everest. Now you can make your own mind up as to whether Angelo flew above the summit or not.

This highly professionally produced DVD won 18 first prizes at film festivals around the world, has been aired on Discovery and several other networks around the world.

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