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1 x 90 minute feature film
1 x 30 minute documentary

Available Worldwide for all platforms.
Production year: 1998


Terror Island
Classic Feature Film Starring Harry Houdini

With a story set at sea and involving a treasure in diamonds, this picture captures Houdini in one of his finest performances. This action-packed movie features superb underwater

photography, a very entertaining plot, and numerous escapes, including one of Houdini’s greatest ever recorded on film.

Houdini Exposed
Documentary Look Into The Magicians Life

This exclusive program traces the career of one of the most dynamic men of the past century. We follow his rise from poverty through his dazzling heights of his popularity all the way to his often-neglected years as one of Hollywood’s first action heroes and his quest to rid the country of phony spiritual mediums. Learn about the myth and the man known as Houdini.

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