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liberation of Europe
Liberation of Europe

Copyright 2020
8 episodes
60-70 min.
Worldwide rights


liberation of europe


From D-DAY to the capture of Berlin this series presents the greatest and rarest footage of the war in Europe. See all the battles and tactics on the land, sea and in the skies.. Shown exactly as they were in the 1940s, these images convey the war in a way modern documentaries simply cannot recreate.

D-Day; June 6, 1944, is probably the most famous and legendary military operation in history. Here is the ultimate collection of all the original D-Day movies shot during the largest seaborne invasion in history. Containing countless classic WWII stories of the D-Day Convoy and the Normandy Landings. Relive the moment the Nazis had dreaded for so long, and which turned the tide of World War II. 59 min.

Air War Over Europe
The war in the skies of Europe went from complete devastation to glorious victory, this program charts that exact course. From the early days of allied bombers succumbing to Luftwaffe gunfire, to the careful airborne strategies implemented to end WWII once and for all. Seen through archival images and seldom seen still photos, Air War Over Europe is a history of airborne combat throughout WWII. 61 min.

Across Occupied France
Following the Normandy landings in 1944, the Allies had the formidable task of re-taking France from the Nazis. The extraordinary summer-long push took place in deadly hedgerows, farmland, towns, castles, and even Paris itself. Across Occupied France chronicles this momentous liberation of France, eventually bringing allied troops to the very brink of Nazi Germany. A WWII campaign like none other. 73 min.

Into Nazi Germany
As Allied forces set foot on German soil for the first time, they came one step closer to victory, but their greatest battles lay ahead. The Nazi Fatherland held many dangers; bombed-out towns, ambushes and fatigue from constant battles. Relive one of the broadest offensives in history as Allied troops advance from Aachen towards the German Roer Valley. From Autumn of '44 to Winter of '45. 76 min.

Attack of the Wehrmacht
Hitler's Ardennes offensive sought to push the Allies all the way back to the Belgian port of Antwerp, and resultantly sparked some of the wars most grueling battles-Bastonge, St. Vith and The Battle of the Bulge. The Nazi counter-offensive spanned the winter months, catching the already fatigued allied forces off guard. These were, since D-Day, the darkest hours of the war. 69 min.

The Push to Berlin
For GIs, the twisting city streets and towering cathedrals of the Nazi Fatherland were as foreign as Oz's yellow brick road. Nevertheless, in the spring of 1945 they moved east, crossing the River Rhine to reconvene with paratroopers of one of the largest airborne assaults in history. These programs, originally produced within months of the events, capture something no modern movie can recreate. 73 min.

Victory Over Germany
In April 1945, soldiers could feel the end of the war, yet there was much to be done. Charting the war's final act, this program traces the aftermath of the Nazi surrender. From quelling remaining resistances, hunting for saboteurs, creating sustainable towns and saving countless emaciated prisoners of war from the horrific concentration camps. Be warned: some scenes contain disturbing images. 160min.

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