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Owned Islands

1 x 60 minutes

Available for DVD and select Broadcast rights.
All new media available!


White beaches, palm trees, and the calming ocean. We’ve all been there, but what about owning your own tropical paradise! It’s a fantasy of many and this fascinating program shows how people from all walks of life have turned this dream into an amazing reality.

This show takes the viewer from the beautiful Norman Island (said to be the inspiration of Robert Louis Stvenson’s "Treasure Island,") to equally beautiful but more affordable paradises such as the $18,500 private island that you could live on right now!

Not only does the audience experience what it’s like to live on these beautiful islands, but they learn about the owners and how they acquired these magnificent places. Travel to billionaire Richard Branson’s private paradise in the British Virgin Islands and experience how it feels to live like a king!

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