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the world of lions
The World Of...

25 x 60 MINUTES

M&E Tracks Available

Available for Worldwide Broadcast and DVD


Welcome to the world of mystery and adventure, of risk and inspiration, of spirit and danger. This unprecedented series takes you to the far corners of the globe, to explore the secrets of nature and wildlife, the frontiers of science and technology, the compelling questions of history and the world we live in. Executive produced by Dennis B. Kane, who for 17 years lead The National Geographic Television Division and was pioneer of the acclaimed National Geographic Explorer Specials. This series expands the boundaries of documentary filmmaking - featuring state-of-the-art photography designed to illuminate every adventure with action, drama, excitement, and sheer visual beauty. A $27 Million Production! Aired on ABC Television Network in prime time in the United States!

Episodes Include:

Inventors: Out of Their Minds
Indestructible People
Crocodile's Revenge
Beautiful Killers
The Secret Life of 118 Green Street
Cougar: Ghost of the Rockies
The Last African Flying Boat
Realm of the Serpent
Shark Chronicles
Secrets of the Golden River
Chasing India's Monsoon
Powers of the Russian Psychics
Bikini: Forbidden Paradise
Tall Ship: High Sea Adventure
Race for Life: Africa's Great Migration
Wolf: Return of a Legend
The Last Charge of the Rhino
Earthquakes: The Terrifying Truth
Lions: Africa's King of the Beast
Creatures of Africa's Hidden World
Orangutans: Children of the Forest
Tiger: Lord of the Wild
Blue Whale: Giants of the Deep
Polar Bears: Lord of the Arctic
Tales from the Tomb
Dolphin: Tribes in the Sea
Australia Outback: The Vanishing Frontier

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