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Fifty-four 30 min. shows with three 30 second breaks.
Twenty 60 minunte shows with seven 30 second commercial breaks. 
Thirty-four 28.30 minunte shows with NO commercial breaks.
All of Eartho’s Shows Music is Licensed with Freeplay Music out of N.Y.C.



Earthoteric is a International Television series.

Produced by Nathan East, Peter Jackson, Greg Kimmelman, Mark Amici, & Mike Myers.

International Space Imagery from The International Space Agencies – NASA, The European Space Agency ( ESA ),  to The Japanese National Space ( JAXX ) and The Best International Chill Out Music in the Universe – Yours. 
Earthoteric encourages our audience to please send in their UN – Signed “ Original “ Music for Consideration for Earthoteric to mix an Musical Artist’s Original Music with International Astronauts working Together in Peace on The International Space Station ( The I.S.S. ) and working on our Future – Space. The Artist’s name and The Artist Music’s name will be positioned on Earthoteric’s videos to be Internationally broadcast.
The Producers of Earthoteric are MOST Proud of, Earthoteric is a NEW Television Series for ( ALL ) Audience young & Senior a like NO violence - NO profanity.

A full-length episode can be found here.

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