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Ariel, Zoey and Eli
Ariel, Zoey and Eli, Too

55 episodes
30 minutes


Ariel, Zoey and Eli, too!

Ariel, Zoey and Eli, Too

A New "Teen" Series
Over 90,000,000 Views on Facebook!
7 Seasons on NBC COZI in the U.S./ Universal Television
Now rights Available Worldwide


These sibling television stars and multi instrumentalists have amassed a loyal Facebook following exceeding 3,150,000 fans from around the world - ranking in the top US celebrity pages. Their videos on Facebook have been viewed over 90,000,000 times. In 2015, the trio became the youngest ever to be nominated for a Daytime Emmy award in the category of Outstanding Original Song. After recording their original song, "Take Me to Comic Con", they quickly became the face of their Geek generation. The song is now an international anthem in the cosplay/Comic Con community.

On July 27, 2018 Ariel and Zoey made their Off-Broadway debut in Prospect Theater Company's Rave Revue where they performed Ariel's original song "Far Away from Here".

Their television careers began in 2009 with Ariel & Zoey & Eli, Too. The music variety show continues to air and has enjoyed many celebrity guests including Miranda Cosgrove, David Archuleta and Kevin Costner. In June 2012 they teamed up with the Grammy winner Jim Peterik ("Eye of the Tiger", "Vehicle", "The Search is Over") to record Jim's anti-bully anthem (which he wrote for them after learning of their activism in this area), Hey Bully! This led to a new television show about the experience of the four writing and recording songs in the studio.

Called  "Steal the Show" it is now in its fourth year of production. Both shows aired nationally every weekend on NBCUniversal's Cozi TV (and various other networks) available in over 70,000,000 households and almost every major market .

Following 7 Seasons on NBC COZI Network the Series "ARIEL, ZOEY & ELI TOO"
plus "STEAL THE SHOW" have a total of 86 scripted live action Programs driven by terrific Original and "Cover" songs, with important issues for Kids/ Teens/ Families, and lots of Teen GEEK fun throughout.

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