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The Greatest Circus Acts In The World
The Greatest Circus Acts In The World

13 x 30 minutes.

Available for telecast and home video and DVD.


We all remember an afternoon sitting with our parent or grandparent watching the dangerous lion tamer, or the beautiful trapeze flyers, or the hilarious clowns. The event was filled with excitement and thrill that goes beyond the realm of everyday life. This was special...this was the CIRCUS!

There is still every year in countries all over the globe, an air of amazement and wonder that continues to entice audiences to this ageless family phenomena.
The producers of this brand new series have traveled the world for the last ten years collecting brilliant footage of Circus acts from "the best of the best". From Monte Carlo, to Japan to Madison Square Garden in New York City, these are the acts that have made it to the top of the Circus World...these are the créme de la créme! See acts from the U.S., Germany, Japan, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, France, UK, and more!

The series is designed for a broadcaster to insert a host or for a narrator to "voice over" breaks in the action. The screener you will see is a representative sampling of the style and quality of the acts. Your station or the producers can customize the look and feel of the show to suit your market needs. So grab some popcorn, settle back and be dazzled and amazed...THE CIRCUS IS IN TOWN! ... a great series for advertisers too!

SHOW #001
1. Rudy Schweitzer Juggler (Sweden)
2. Taras Bulba Tigers (Spain)
3. Bicycle Acrobats
4. Human Cannonball (Canada)

SHOW #002
1. Doxie Football Dogs (Denmark)
2. Female Highwire (Luxembourg)
3. Pablo Noel Lions (Rome)
4. Solo Trapeze

SHOW #003
1. Miss Josephine Suspended Juggler (Spain)
2. Dick Chipperfield Bears (England)
3. Equilibrist (Mexico)
4. Circus Kinoshita Montage (Japan)

SHOW #004
1. Nanjing Acrobats (China)
2. Bill Wilson Smart ( Sweden)
3. Double Ring Balance
4. Siberian Boys Comedy (England)

SHOW #005
1. Chinese Balance Act
2. Miss Mara Solo Trapeze (Sweden)
3. Dick Chipperfield Tigers (England)
4. Duo Acrobats

SHOW #006
1. Juggler Balance Act
2. Maria Montero Birds
3. Raskov Russian Bears (Circus Scott – Sweden)
4. Circus Tihany Magic (Mexico)

SHOW #007
1. Fattini Sway Pole
2. Musical Clowns (Sweden)
3. Kenya Troupe Acrobats
SHOW #008
1. Trapeze
2. Ivan Karl Strongman (Sweden)
3. Russian Bears

SHOW #009
1. Katja Schumann Paliminos (Sweden)
2. Wolfgang Trunk Pigs (Germany)
3. Circus Kinoshita High Act (Japan)
4. Trampoline / Trapeze

SHOW #0010
1. Pancho & Sylvia (Jugglers)
2. Circus Althoff Elephants (Luxembourg)
3. Glassedy Balance Act
4. Trapeze (Rome)

SHOW #0011
1. Balance Act
2. Elephants
3. Udo Heltano Incline Wire
4. Alex Bouglioni Jr. Lions (France, Cirque d’Hiver)

SHOW #0012
1. Salli Brothers Acrobats (Sweden)
2. Equestriane Acrobats
3. Franz Althoff Tigers (Luxembourg)
Double Trapeze

SHOW #0013
1. Acrobats
2. Mills Magic Dogs
3. Circo Vasquez Seals (Mexico)
4. Dior Sisters Globe Rollers

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