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improv tonite
Improv Tonite

40 x 30 minutes
Available Immediately for Broadcast and Home Video.



AN EVENING AT THE IMPROV founder Budd Friedman has a proven track record for identifying the finest comedy talent anywhere in the world. This stand-up comedy series is shot in front of a live audience with each episode hosted by a different well-known celebrity who sets the stage for a half hour of solid laughs. Every episode contains 3 hilarious stand-up acts that will have your audience rolling in their seats! There’s nothing like a good laugh to keep people coming back for more!


Jerry Seinfeld, David Spade, Richard Belzer, Corey Feldman, Kathy Griffin, Bill Mahr, John Mendoza, Paula Poundstone, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more!

Tim Allen, Carrot Top, Louie Anderson, Diane Ford, Richard Belzer, Cheech Marin, Caroline Rhea, Bobby Collins

Chris Rock, D.L. Hughley, Jason Alexander ,Rhonda Shear, Bruce Baum, Jeff Altman, John Fox, Norm MacDonald

Adam Sandler, Jeff Foxworthy, Janeane Garofalo, Steve McGrew, Murray Langston, Darryl Hami-nond, Ray Romano

Drew Carey, Bobby Collins, John Mulrooney, LaLira Kightlinger, Tom Arnold, Marty Putz, Dennis Wolfberg, Bob Zany

Rosie O'Donnell, Brad Garrett, Kelsey Grammer, Adam Sandler, Max Alexander, John Caponera, John Ferrantino, Jerry Seinfeld

Jim Carrey, Richard Lewis, Paul Rodrigues, Mike Finney, Will Duerst, Norm McDonald, Jeff Foxworthy

Ellen DeGeneres, Wendy Leibman, Elaine Allison, Diane Amos, Mary Ellen Hooper, Kathy Buckley, Margaret Smith

Judy Tenuta, Carol Leifer, Ellen Cleghorne, Maxine Lapidus, Jenny Jones, Sheila Kay, Kathleen Madigan, Margaret Cho

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