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laffs from the hood
Laffs From the Hood!

6 x 60 Minutes


The funniest library of urban comedy ever produced!

See where today's biggest stars like Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, Arsenio Hall, Dave Chappelle, Little Richard, and more had their beginnings!

This collection contains six (6) episodes, each with 60 Minutes of live, hilarious footage from today's top African-American comics.

Straight from the EVENING AT THE IMPROV library - A&E’s #1 show for 13 years!

Episode One
Steve Harvey, Arsenio Hall, Frankly Ajaye, Chris Rock, Kal Clark, Dwane Cunningham, A.J. Jamal, Jeff Brown, D.H. Hughley

Episode Two
Michael Colyar, Jeff Banks, Craig Bush, Arceneuex & Mitchell, Derrick Cameron, Sherman Helmesley, Marvin Bell, Rich Harris

Episode Three
A.J. Jamal, Ellen Kleghorn, Louis Johnson, Dave Chappelle, Chaka Kahn, Little Richard, Special K McCray, Rushon McDonald

Episode Four
Earl David Reed, Phillip Covington, Diane Amos, Nipsey Russell, Carl Banks, Paul Mooney, Anthony Brown, Al Cleathan, Jr.

Episode Five
Alex Thomas, Kim Coles, Brian Copeland, Clifton Davis, Ralph Harris, Shawn Corvelle, Lance Crowthers, Charles Cozart

Episode Six
Don Ware, Mark Curry, Mario Joyner, Tony Edwards, James Stephens III, Melvin George, Mike Ivy, Michael Winslow

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