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the gag's on you
The Gag's On you!

182 x 90 seconds total
160 x 90 seconds "family friendly" 22 x 90 seconds "mature" episodes.


Embarrassing and funny moments all caught on tape! You can use it as an entire show or pick vignettes as you like. Check out the adult section with hilarious footage for more risqué programming! These gags are done in a "candid camera" style filmed in international

locations. Very funny and entertaining and can be programmed for any day part. Great for advertisers too! Available immediately!

Contact us today for a full list of show descriptions.

Sample Episodes include:

• Man Falling On Ladder
• Spider in Shoes
• Flying Wig
• Blind Man Groping
• Cross Dresser • Bleeding Nose
• Man In Garbage Can
• Toilet Reporter • Car Crash
• Lovers In The Park
• Baby on Car Roof
• Exploding Pen
For Adults (20 x 90 seconds):
• Girl In Waiting Room
• Skirt Caught In The Ladder
• Topless Woman Shopping
• Baby Nursing Milk
• Old Man Pervert On The Beach
• Naked Scuba Diving

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