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Biblical Mysteries:  Ark of the Covenant
Biblical Mysteries:  Ark of the Covenant

60 min.


It is a quest that has fascinated scholars and adventurers for century after century.  What happened to that treasure and centerpiece of ancient Jewish life — the Ark of the Covenant?

No one knows what happened to it, but researchers never give up seeking for this, which will no doubt rank among history's greatest finds if it is ever discovered. In this action-packed documentary shown prime time on NBC, Biblical scholar and modern-day "Indiana Jones" Mike Sanders journeys to one of the Middle East's most dangerous territories to find the elusive ancient ark that once held the stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. His hair-raising adventure through a veritable political minefield ultimately leads Sanders to the Palestinian-controlled village of Djaharya, a reported training ground for the terrorists groups.

We follow Sanders as he uncovers clues that he argues may have brought him to the edge of the cherished discovery.  Political problems prohibited the full excavation of the site he pinpoints as the likely location, but the evidence is set forth to help you decide if indeed he is finally just one step away from uncovering the priceless ark.

Disclaimer: Brief Nudity.

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