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Biblical Mysteries: Sodom and Gomorrah
Biblical Mysteries:  Soodom and Gomorrah

60 min.


Join the fascinating search for the sin cities.  

Could they be buried at the bottom of the Dead Sea?

" And Lot lifted up his eyes and beheld all the plain of Jordan, there it was well watered everywhere, before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, . . . ." —Genesis 13:10

This compelling NBC prime-time special, featuring scholar Mike Sanders, leads us on an unprecedented exploration to the depths of the salty Dead Sea in the same Delta mini-submarine used to explore the wreck of the liner Lusitania. The viewer almost becomes part of the team in energetic search for evidence of the location of the ancient Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

To some skeptics the Biblical tale of the two "sin cities" is metaphorical, but Sanders’ belief — possibly supported by new evidence derived from NASA satellite photography showing anomalies on the floor of the Dead Sea — is that the cities not only existed, but their location might  be found today. It took years of negotiations for Sanders to obtain clearance from the Israel army, the Jordanians and the Palestinians to search for the ruins at one of the most tension-packed places on earth. However, limited access was permitted, and we join the dive to the sea floor to uncover some compelling evidence buried in the salt. The search is still not over but the initial evidence that the program presents could mark a critical step forward.

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