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The Greatest Circus Acts In The World
The Watchers

8 X 22 minutes.



When the Archangel Michael is sent to Earth on a special mission, he discover's the Devil's plot to stop a newly forming rival. Michael must battle Satan (going by the name of Sam) and his minions and protect those who are called to lead the revival while also thwarting Sam's plan to find the Blade of Jezebel, a weapon that has the power to kill angels.

The Watcher's is an eight-episode, action-packed supernatural thriller based on Biblical concepts. The series explores the spiritual battle raging in and around us as we do our part to advance Gods kingdom on Earth.


Episode 1: Family Business

Episode 2: Voices

Episode 3: Twist the Knife

Episode 4: Our Reasons

Episode 5: The Hunt

Episode 6: Pop Princess Part 1

Episode 7: Pop Princess Part 2

Episode 8: Divided Loyalty

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