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celebrity rides
Celebrity Rides

Available Worldwide for DVD

Produced 2007/2008


Burt Reynolds
5 x 30 minutes
1 x 60 minutes
“ Burt Builds a Bandit”

This series features a historic car build that reunites Hollywood superstar Bury Reynolds and the black 1977 Pontiac Trans Am that became a star in the hit film “Smokey and the Bandit”. In the show, Burt works with America’s premier “muscle car” parts and restoration company YearOne to redesign and restore the famous ride into a limited edition line of “Burt Reynolds Signature” cars for sale to the public in 2008.

Kevin Dillon
4 x 30 minutes
1 x 60 minutes

Actor Kevin Dillon is on the search for a new ride, one that will give him a nostalgic feel of old Hollywood. Automotive Legends is where he will find this car, a dealership known for its classic replica Spyders and Speedsters. With both these cars famously linked to legendary actor James Dean, Dillon has a hard choice ahead of him. Will he choose the Speedster or Dean's very last ride, the Spyder?
The 1955 Porsche Spyder is Kevin Dillon's choice, and Fibersteel will create the replica Spyder of his dreams. Salvaging parts from an old Volkswagen is the first step in constructing this classic vehicle. From there, fiberglass body panels and a historically accurate chassis will be the car's foundation, soon to house one powerful engine. Updated versions of the stylish red seats begin to take shape, keeping with the vintage appearance but using more modern materials.
The work continues at Fibersteel, where each aluminum piece must be hand crafted before being installed in the car. Brakes, headlights, and gauges are put into place, along with detailed pieces that add to the nostalgic feel of the car. The engine that will bring life to this car is prepped and begins a slow decent to its final resting place.

Final installations are under way at Fibersteel, with the engine, safety gear, and steering wheel getting locked into place. Red stripes and vintage emblems finalize the car's authentic feel and a special touch from Dean Jeffries makes this a true James Dean replica Spyder. The only thing left to do is give the car to Kevin and watch him drive away.

Jay Leno
6 x 30 minutes
2 x 60 minutes

(in production) – Jay shares with us his Duesenburg collectionin this fantastic look into custom car design.

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