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the fish'n' crazee show
The Fish'N' Crazee Show

39 x 30 minutes in High Definition


The Fish'N' Crazee Show

The TV Show Host and Co–Producer has produced many episodes since his TV days in South Africa and now living in the USA. An international Tournament Angler that has education at the forefront finds it easy to promote many places as there is so much to offer when fishing is involved.
Our philosophy as we progress ahead is to educate many millions of people around the world what our waters in the USA and surrounds offer with up to date fishing techniques, new lures, fishing tackle and exploring the local culture and cuisine.
While this will become a world wide brand with Global Telemedia as our representative we want guests and viewers to reach out and come fish with us and explore our waters in the USA and possibly interact with us in some episodes and share in their fish catching stories with us. Our journey does not end there as we grow so will our guests and celebrities and concept shows too. Each new country we introduce our brand to we wish for them to encourage their viewers to visit our shores and also invite us to come visit them and cross pollinate all our experiences and diversify our TV show and brand to showcase fishing / angling as an international sport we can all experience of all ages , genders... without limitations”.

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