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Icons of the World
Icons of the World

10 X 30 minutes in High Definition.


Icons of the world

There are so many beautiful places, famous landmarks and cultural monuments world-wide, which, are symbols for a city or a country, however, just a few are truly iconic. Some buildings, natural features and ruins are so well known - their images immediately identifiable to people all over the world - that they have become icons of place. Whether it is a natural wonder or an architectural site these famous landmarks showcased in Icons of the World are definitely among the most recognizable. Join us and be inspired as we take you on a tour of the most astounding landmarks across the Globe.
Ep 01: Eiffel Tower | Monument Valley | India Taj Mahal
Ep 02: Statue of Liberty | Panama Canal | Sydney Harbour Bridge
Ep 03: Easter Island | Niagara Falls | CN Tower | Machu Picchu
Ep 04: Empire State Building | The Collesuem | The Hollywood Sign | Great Wall of China
Ep 05: The Sphinx & the Pyramids | The Chrysler Building | Il Duomo di Florenze
Ep 06: Alcatraz Island |The Blue Mosque | Australia Opera House |The Freedom Tower
Ep 07: The Palace of Westminster | Hoover Dam | The Burj Khalifa | The Forbidden City
Ep 08: Times Square | Tower Bridge | The Shibuya Crossing | Singapore’s Merlion
Ep 09: Buckingham Palace | Grand Canyon | Petronas Towers KL | Brooklyn Bridge
Ep 10: The Gondolas of Venice | The Golden Gate Bridge | Washington DC Capitol Building

Screeners available here.

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