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Senior Xtremers

13 x 30 minutes in High Definition
Available Worldwide for All Platforms


The Senior Xtremers are coming by Land, Air, and Sea! Join Host Mike Cotton as he searches the World for "Baby Boomers" and older folks that are still going for it! These seasoned thrill seekers are living life to the max! This fast paced weekly half hour series is entertaining, inspirational, and fascinating!

Each episode features up to three guests doing everything from skydiving, thunder boat racing, auto racing, hot air balloon racing, surfing, and other extreme sports and adventures! Some of our talent is unknown, while others have been famous in their sports and endeavors for many years . Many decided to get off the couch in their later years to put the spark back in their lives!

The series’ host is Mike Cotton, who at 63 is a Senior Xtremer as well! Mike is an avid surfer, waterman, and adventure seeker . Mike will "Go For It!", as his guests invite him to join in the action! Mike injects his own brand of humor as things don't always go as planned for him.

Many of the locations are exotic destinations and feature a glimpse of the local culture and beauty . The series format includes current action footage, interviews and other features on the guests. Every Senior Xtremer is uniquely different , but they all have the same motto: "Age Does Not Define You!"

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