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New Extreme Sports Specials
New Extreme Sports Specials

Available Worldwide for All Platforms



1. Extreme Snowboarding Session - Vail, Colorado - 58 minutes
The event consisting of rail jam and slope style competitions, features the best men and women riders in the world. With $80,000 in prize money to be won, this unique and progressive snowboard event format pushes riders like Andreas Wiig and Lucas Magoon to throw down their biggest and best tricks.

2. US Ski Team Nationals: Alyeska - 26 minutes
Join the US Ski Team in Alyeska, Alaska for the annual US Ski Team Nationals. Watch as they compete on a world class downhill and vie for the National Championship, and in their free time enjoy the beautiful backcountry heli-skiing.

3. World Ski and Snowboard Festival - 52 minutes
The World Ski and Snowboard Festival is the biggest party of the year, held at the biggest winter wonderland in the worlds, Whistle/Blackcomb. There are parties, contest, fashion shows, film festivals, concerts, and more parties, all set in the most electric and energetic mountain village in the industry.

4. US Snowboard Grand Prix - 52 minutes
For more than a decade, the US Snowboard Grand Prix series has been a leader in snowboarding progression. We follow the tour during it’s 12th season, across the country to all three stops at Breckenridge, Colorado, Tamarack Resort, Idaho and Killington, Vermont.

5. The Element, Andy Finch - 28 minutes
Snowboard sensation Andy Finch continues to awe the crowd at the US Snowboard Grand Prix in Breckenridge, Colorado. Andy is nicknamed “The Bulldog” because of his big airs and big crashes. He is also a member of “The Collection,” an elite group of four top riders formed to increase marketability. Get an inside look at this top athlete as he drops into a wicked pipe and watch a potential gold Olympic gold medalist fly high over the lip.

6. Alpine Chronicles: Nordic Combined Steamboat Springs, CO - 58 minutes
Watch names like Todd Lodwick, the best Nordic combined skier in the US history finish off his career. As Bill Demong challenges him in the Nordic Combined, twin brothers Eric and Brett Camerota put pressure on the veterans.

7. American Ski Classic (2005-2009) - 5 x 47 minutes
The American Ski Classic returns to the slopes of Vail, Co. for a showcase of ski racing skills. Olympic Medalists compete against the “stars” in a grand slalom ski competition. The world's best alpine ski racing alumnae go head to head in Vail, CO to see who is still "King of the Mountain". Franz Klammer, Picabo Street, Ingemar Stenmark, Herman Maier - all the greats of the past 30 years!

8. Kinetic TV (1998-2008) - 60 x 30 minutes - A six part half hour series for each of the 10 years. Action sports and adventure, athlete profiles, event highlights, fast paced and action oriented

9. Return of the Champions - 9 x 52 minutes - 9 years of US top alpine athletes racing their alumnae head to head.

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