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fast and fearsome action sports
Fast AND Fearsome Action Sports

500 Hours of extreme and fearsome sports.

In High Definition.
Available in select territories for all media.


Action Sports Series
Individual episodes can be edited into short-form segments/chapters + can also be made available as long-form programming:

Airtime = 55 episodes...48 min each...Hi-Def action sports events from around the globe

Burton Global Open Series = 35 episodes…World’s top snowboard events with the world’s top male and female snowboarders (2007-2012)

Ticket to Ride World Snowboard Tour = 15 episodes…26-min each…World’s top snowboarders at world’s top events (2007-2012)

Drift Style = 15 episodes...26-min each...behind-the-scenes at Formula Drift events

Formula Drift = 26+ episodes...48-min or 26-min each...Formula Drift Motorsports Series

High Octane = 65 episodes...24-min each...throttle sports such as freestyle motocross, quads, snowmobiles, jet skis, ATVs, motocross

4 Play = 40 episodes...24-min videos coupled with action sports footage

Shred Cafe = 10 episodes...24-min action sport athlete profiles

Adrenaline Ride = 5 episodes…40-min each…Action sports highlights set to music

Action Sports Highlights = 4 episodes…30-min each…Amazing highlights set to music

Extreme 16mm = 26 episodes...26-min each...action sports video and movie previews

Core Culture = 84 episodes...48-min each...action sports lifestyle from around the globe

Board Wild = 100+ episodes...26-min each... boardsport action from around the globe

Miscellaneous = 40+ episodes...US Open of Surfing + Beach Games + Surf Magazine + The Game Surf Challenge, etc.

Short-Form Action Sports Programming & Highlight Clips:

Crash & Burn = 2+ Hours of amazing action sports crash highlights from around the globe

Bag of Tricks w/ Music = 1,000+ clips...1-2 min each...amazing action sports footage
NOTE: Fusion has available content to edit hundreds of additional Bag of Tricks segments

TV Highlights = 200+ clips...60-sec each...action sports footage w/ music
NOTE: Fusion has available content to edit hundreds of additional Highlight clips

TV Minisodes = 100+ episodes...2-5 min each
NOTE: Fusion has available content to edit hundreds of additional Minisodes

4 Play = 270+ episodes...3-4 min videos coupled with action sports footage

Athlete Profiles = 100+ episodes...1-3 min each...profiles of the world's action sports stars

NOTE: Fusion has available content to edit hundreds of additional Athlete Profiles

Mini Board Wilds = 230+ episodes...2-3 min each...action sports from around the globe

Various Action Sports Contained in this Library:

Snowboarding (all disciplines)
Extreme Skiing
Extreme Snowboarding
Big Wave Tow-In Surfing
Freestyle Motocross

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