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Solo Hunters

39 X 30 minutes.
Produced in High Definition
Production year 2013.


From the producer...

"When the opportunity to Produce a new TV show comes along I knew that I couldn't get away with creating just another hunting show. Even though we all know that the "nuts and bolts" to a hunting show is the same...hunt...shoot...kill and eat. That is the reality of what hunting is, no matter how you break it down. And...we are not ashamed of that.

THE SOLO HUNTERS is show of emotions...a show of hard work and dedication to a sport. There are those of us that live for the solitude and oneness with the extreme and wild environments that we trudge. The adventure is the "walkabout". The hunt is only excuse we need to "leave life behind." SOLO HUNTERS is the revival of that style.

Our goal is to bring you the not only see your surroundings but to feel them"

Available for all territories and platforms worldwide except the USA where the series is now airing on the OUTDOOR LIFE  NETWORK and in Canada where is is airing on WILD TV and Spain where it is airing on Prisa TV.

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