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the birdmen
The Birdmen

14 X 30 minutes
High Definition


The Birdmen television program is serious about the future of our sport. The future is the next generation of hunters. How do you get them excited? Bring them out into the field to experience a hunt for themselves.

The Birdmen features four different hunts or stories in each program. Each story has a cast of characters, sometimes that character is weather, but most of the time is it's one of our Future Fowlers.

Hosted by Denis Isbister and Dale Dyer who have dedicated time bringing the next generation into the sport of waterfowl hunting. Denis was born and lives in the small western Nevada town of Fallon. Denis lives for the outdoors and been bringing kids out to hunt for years. Dale is a native Nevadan. He helped to found the Wetlands and Wings program in his hometown. Wetlands and Wings is a sponsored youth hunt educational series that introduces new hunters to the sport.

With each hunt it's more than just shooting birds, it's the education that the next generation needs to make the sport successful in the future.

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