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the canabis biz
The Cannabis Biz

8 X 30 minutes per season


The Cannabis Biz

The Cannabis Biz takes you deep inside the fast-evolving worldwide marijuana business with behind-the-scenes access to all areas of the cannabis industry, including: cannabis retail, medical usage, recreational cannabis use, legalization issues, federal and legal enforcement, medical devices and applications, cannabis technology, lifestyle, culture & much more.

We follow major players and experts in the industry to gain insights and discover the perks and pitfalls from all sides of the legal marijuana industry. Each Season of The Cannabis Biz features high profile guests from a variety of global regions and focuses on the cannabis business specifically from the entrepreneurs, retailers and brands point of view.

Shot on location in North American Cities including Los Angeles, Denver, New York, San Francisco & Montreal, as well as European & Middle Eastern Cities including London, Amsterdam, Barcelona & Tel Aviv. The Cannabis Biz is a global look at how new legislation and cultural changes are shaping the future of the cannabis industry, and our lives in general.

Segmented into 8 x 30 min Episodes per Season, The Cannabis Biz is a unique documentary series designed to provide insights into the mysterious and fast-evolving global cannabis business, and also to provide clarity on terminology and the real facts, whilst giving data on the major players and brands.

Our mission is to educate the masses on a culture and industry that’s taking the world by storm, and to help others to understand new cannabis products, people and jargon.

Created and directed by award winning Director Jonny Caplan, a British born Serial Entrepreneur and leading Science, Technology and Business Expert, The Cannabis Biz is designed for a global audience and viewer of all ages and understanding of cannabis.

• Season One: August 2020
• Season Two: December 2020
• Season Three: March 2021

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